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New here

2007-10-09 20:12:22 by DXSpirit

Hey , I'm new here and I made a song myself. It's a remix of the song Miracle from Cascada, but I just want to know if this doesn't go against the rules cause I don't wanna have any problems. Thanks :)


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2007-10-09 20:54:38

Hey. :) Noticed your thread on the BBS. I'm not much of a forumer so I thought I'd comment on your news post instead...

There should be nothing wrong with submitting that song, provided it follows the guidelines on the submit page. ALL the work should be yours - remixes are allowed, but if you used the actual song itself - for example, making it out of the original song - you can't submit it. Basically, no uploading copyrighted music/music that isn't your creation or any edited version of it. ;)

Once you've submitted your song, it's a good idea to advertise your song at the Audio Advertisements thread at 53861 for a little bit of publicity. Also feel free to comment on my userpage or send a PM my way and I'll gladly review it since it's your first one. :)

Oh, one more thing - this appears to be your first time submitting audio. You'll need to go through a verification process before people can see your songs - it basically involves an Audio Mod looking at your song and confirming that it doesn't break any of the rules. It only has to happen once - if you pass it, you're good. ;)